Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What's hot, What's not.

Okay, okay. I love bad magazines. So sue me. Are you seriously telling me you don't take a sneaky peak at Kate Middleton's latest fashion extravaganza in OK magazine when you wait at the doctors office. Didn't think so...

Anyway... What's hot in my life...? What's not?

Here we go.

Stuff that's hot.

1. Silent disco's. Check out this video. Or better yet have your own. Get everyone to bring their iPod and get groovy. I think they have one at Electric Picnic which I'm super pumped for.

2. Chilled breakfasts. My oven chose a great time to break down. In the middle of a sweltering heatwave. That eased the pain somewhat. Anyway, I'm all about overnight oats, banana pancakes and breakfast shakes at the moment. I've even been smashing up the raspberries and lavender in my garden to make so tasty chia jam. Making the banana pancakes is mandatory. They are truly life changing.

3. Green juice. With extra greens. If you want to feel like you can climb a mountain everyday than you'd better be chugging back your spirulina. My current favourite is two green apples, one courgette, black kale, a bit hunk of ginger and lots of spirulina. Shluuuuurp... Watch out for your green froth mustache.

4. The new series of skins. What is so damn appealing about Effy? She's insanely self destructive yet you just want to be her. You can watch it online for free on 4od's website.

Stuff that's not.

1. Heatwaves. Okay so it seems kinda laughable that I would consider 25 degrees a heatwave but when it's hot enough to kill off my kale and disturb my sleep that's too hot as far as I'm concerned...

2. Wonky keys. Especially when you really really need to pee and you can't get into your apartment. Damn you phantom menace that sneaks around at night bending my keys.

3. Roadworks. Putting me out of work. How nice of you, county council, to choose the hottest, sunniest month of the year to dig up the road outside the shop I work in. They have scared off all the customers. Dicks.

I shall leave you with a stack of sea jenga

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