Friday, 14 June 2013


I am rekindling my love with pulses. I think I went a bit overkill on them a while back when I relied on them as my main source of protein. Once might think that you can never eat enough hummus... But when you eat a whole bowl of hummus for lunch every day for a week the novelty kinda wears off.

Anyway. A while back I learnt a super handy trick for making soups thick and creamy whilst keep that smooth goodness dairy free.

Blend in your pulses! When it comes to soup people generally add there beans in at the end to give some texture. By blending them in you add an extra depth to the flavour and you create a lusciously creamy soup. 

Another kind of pulsing that I love to hate is this kind. Just do it. You'll thank me tomorrow morning! ;)

Creamy, Dreamy Tomato Soup.

Dice two red onion, two carrots, a few sticks of celery and 8 cloves of garlic.
Yes, I'm for real about the garlic. I like to ward off my ex-boyfriend who was a vampire.
Put this in a big pot with a tin of tomatoes, a tin of chickpeas, a handful of sundried tomatoes, a good tablespoon of veggie boullion, a tablespoon of nutritional yeast and a good slosh of boiling water to cover it all.  Boil the life out of it until the kitchen smells absolutely fab and vegetables look that they won't make your blender throw a tantrum. Blend it til it's all smooth and yummy.
Give it a taste to see if it needs any seasoning. Throw some nice fresh herbs on top (I used flat leaf parsley but basil would work a treat too). 
Serve with huge slabs of nutty brown bread.

Question of the Day: What's your favourite soup? Do you prefer it smooth or chunky?

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