Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Protein Pancakes

It's been a long, tough year.
When my older friends told me about the huge leap between third year and fifth year I scoffed and laughed at them
When peoples jaws dropped with shock as I told them I chose all three science subjects I shrugged and told them it would be grand.
Nothing, and I mean nothing, could have prepared me for how tough this year would be.
The workload hit me like a train and I struggled to find the time or energy to complete my homework.
I dropped my hobbies like a stack of dominos and the later I stayed up obsessing over some stupid maths question, the less attention I payed in class the next day because I was enjoying a much needed snooze on my desk.
However, don't kill me for the cliché, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Struggling through this year taught me so many important lessons.
I learnt to relax my attitude towards schoolwork and to detatch my sense of self worth from my grades. I am still proud of my academic achievments but I now understand that much like our weight, our grades are another number that we shouldn't allow to define our happiness.
Another lesson I learnt is that relaxation and sleep are every bit as important for good health as exercise and diet are. There is no point in having a flawless diet (which is a debatable concept anyway) if you will spend all day stressing about workout or if the thought of having consumed a supposed allergen makes you toss and turn at night. Although it is important to live a healthy lifestyle it is vital that it doesn't become a chore that makes every day monotonous.
Well summer is here now and having survived a character building year I am now much more accomplished in the areas of 'cramming' and 'winging it' than I ever could have dreamed.
My thoughts are bubbling and I can't wait to share a years worth of experiences as well as all the beautiful food I will cook during these long sunny days.
For the mean time I highly recommend you try and these yummy protein pancakes over at minus the sugar.
They truely are the bomb. They don't stick at all and they puff up beautifully. I enjoyed mine banana bread style with sliced banana, walnuts and yogurt. Deeeelish. ;)

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