Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bouncing like Bean

The other night I had the insane desire to bake. And for once it genuinely wasn't a desire motivated by wanting to eat whatever delicious thing I whipped up. I genuinely just wanted to chop, melt and fold.

I guess I could put it down to the fact that I took a running break over the weekend and the extra energy had me doing things like chasing my mum around the supermarket with the shopping trolley. Yeah I'm still 5 at heart.

So I had a rave in the kitchen on my own... Hopping around like a bean to the deadly beats on phantom 105.2 while baking chocolate covered katies black bean brownies. Except I used kidney beans cause that's all I had.

Anyway I ended up decided that although the brownies were reaaaalllly good, the raw batter was even better. So then I had the super awesome idea of making nutella out of kidney beans.

Oh no she didn't!? :0

Bouncing Bean Chocolate Spread
•Tin of kidney beans
•2 heaped tbsp cocoa powder
•70g nut butter ( I used almond and hazelnut )
•60g coconut palm sugar
•Drop of vanilla essence
•Pinch of salt
•Optional: stir in roasted almonds or chocolate chips for extra decadence

Blend everything except the optional ingredients in a food processor and process until silky smooth (no beany lumps!).

Once again, excuse the poor picture quality! :S

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