Friday, 13 July 2012

Delayed Rabblings

Man, it's been a while :S Apologies to any readers for my lack of posts, I was in France for the week. I've also become very much 'bitta this, bitta that' about my cooking. I'm developing a very bad habit of not measuring things and scoffing stuff down without taking snaps so now I have loads of yummy eats to share but only a few recipes! :( Oh Well... I guess I'll just share a bit of whats been going on with me :)

I went to my friend Niall's house where we baked this beautiful polenta and orange cake. Unfortunately it didn't taste as great as it looked. We both agreed it was only ok so I decided not to post it despite the fact that I wrote down the recipe. At least it made some pretty pictures :) And then we played Skyrim for a while... I got slaughtered by a load of trolls. Dammit.

Then I was off to the French countryside. We stayed in a place called La Tour Sur Orb for a week. It's a tiny village in Languedoc and the house we were staying in was literally right beside a river which was perfect for swimming in the mornings. I love to lie in the sun and get all warm and sweaty reading my book and getting a great tan and then jump into the ice cold water. Incredibly refreshing.

The village was part of a string of towns along a road. It was cute and quaint with barely any people. The only shops were a supermarket, a goats cheese shop and a post office. The next town was about 3 miles away so you could walk or cycle to get some bread but it took a while. There was literally nobody on the streets...ever.

Despite the fact that there was vineyards absolutely everywhere I didn't see a single packet of grapes while I was there. They clearly weren't in season I guess. Or maybe they all get used up making wine.

I discovered this hat in the house that we were staying in. I was very reluctant to give it up when we were leaving.

Despite the fact that we ate out most nights because the stove seemed to have a mind of its own some cooking did get done when I figured out how to use the micro-oven. These babies are goats cheese, lentil and buckwheat pizza and that green stuff is avocado and white almond mashup.
The food in France is great but as a vegetarian you get a lot of cheese and bread and by the end of the week all I wanted was vegetables. The moment I got home I guzzled down two packets of baby carrots raw.

In honur of raw food day my mums friend brought me my first ever kale chips. Eh yum much?

And raw chocolate peanut butter brownies. I love this girl.

But boy, oh boy, my mums one pot wonder has never tasted so damn good.

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