Monday, 28 May 2012

Scenes of Summer

The sun is burning all the pale freckly Irish people as she shines high in the sky. I'm getting cocky about not having to wear suncream because of my sallow skin and then burning anyway. It's now become acceptable to strip off to just your sports bra during training. It doesn't get dark until after 10 and I can stay up late because I don't even have to worry about school in the morning. Fresh produce is abundant and the birds are tweeting away cheerfully. Ladies and gentlemen today my summer holidays began for real but I feel like they started a week ago when the sun came out. Here are some scenes from my life, shots of the stuff I've really been loving :)

1. Chilling on the pier with the girls. One of my favourite places to walk and my go-to running route when I'm staying in my dads. Whether you're sitting or strolling it's a great place to people watch.

2. High intensity interval training and track races. Ok so I've always hated cross country races even though I do them anyway. I guess I like to be part of a team. But to be honest I never thought I'd wake up on a Saturday morning knowing that I would be doing 4x400m and 4x300m sprints in a few hours and actually not mind... It's great because no matter how far behind you are during the sprint everyone still chats and runs together during recovery. And don't even get me started on what a difference it makes for your running.

3. Whupping my brothers butt at chess. Because I'm competitive and nerdy. And it's funny because he gets really cocky. I must admit, however, that he is a worthy opponent. It's 2-2 so far folks. Keep an eye on that number ;)
Aaww... look at how timid he is. Bless him.

4. Taking photos of trees while lying on the ground. I guess it just makes me feel artsy. Everyone needs a little bit of nourishment of the soul as my mother might say. If upside down trees is how you get your kicks why not?

5. Chilling in the garden reading my book, drawing nature and getting an amazing tan. Just personal time for me myself and I :)

6. A big bad salad at least once a day. Absolutely drenched in organic balsamic vinegar from the farmers market. And fresh crusty bread dipped in homemade chunky basil pesto.

7. Stealing peoples hats so I can pose while wearing them. Perhaps I should invest in one?

8. Goofing around with my boiled eggs. They're my new lunching obsession.

9. When my dad bakes. Because I forget that I can. And it's a nice surprise when he does. He also resists the temptation to tweak the recipe. But only with baking. These muffins are from How Sweet It Is. All I have to say is nom nom nom nom. We swapped the glaze for flaked almonds.

10. My homemade nutella. Photographing it feels like food porn. This stuff is literally liquid crack. I horsed it through a whole jar in 2 days. Smothering some on my dads banana muffins when I am Hank Marvin post training... Oh my god. I was very brave and parted with my other two jars to share this ecstacy with friends. Recipe to come soon! :)

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